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Hubster's advanced management & optimization helps restaurant chains improve delivery operations without any hassle.
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Learn where your restaurant makes a profit and loses revenue

Take advantage of some data and understand your business correctly to increase profits.

  • Knowing how much commission and net income you get
  • Get daily reports on order details by location and brand
  • Understand the impact of modifying & changing which is most appropriate
Menu Management

Manage all menus in one place

Input, edit, update, and manage your menus across all shipping apps from one place

  • Input or create menus directly in Hubster
  • Change prices, modifications, menu availability and more 
  • Publish menu to all apps with one click

Check insights to increase sales

Leverage performance data from insights so you can improve menus, inventory & strategies for staff, and more.

  • Learn when and why you lost your order and experienced cancellations.
  • Solve problems to improve sales, revenue, and ratings.
  • Open up opportunities for business growth in terms of sales and expansion.

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"Hubster helps receive orders, record and recap orders, and print receipts automatically. So that we are more efficient in preparing orders"
Timothy Aswin Wijaya, Hungry Fat Belly

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