Track and manage performance

restaurants to improve

your revenue

Easily access data, eliminate missed orders, and gain insights into restaurant performance with advanced reports.

Learn where your restaurant makes a profit and loses revenue

Take advantage of some data and understand your business correctly to increase profits.

  • Knowing how much commission and net income you get
  • Get daily reports on order details by location and brand
  • Understand the impact of modifying & changing which is most appropriate

Check insights to increase sales

Leverage performance data from insights so you can improve menus, inventory & strategies for staff, and more.

  • Learn when and why you lost your order and experienced cancellations.
  • Solve problems to improve sales, revenue, and ratings.
  • Open up opportunities for business growth in terms of sales and expansion.

Seeing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with Hubster.
Owner, Steggo Restaurant
"Restaurants that focus on fulfilling online orders are better off using Hubster. Everything becomes automated."