Increase productivity

restaurants with management features


Optimize restaurant operations as efficiently as possible with Hubster's handoffs &aggregations, menu management, and auto-receive.
Order ManagementOrder Management

View all orders on one tablet

Hubster brings together shipping apps so you can manage both online and offline orders from one place. 

  • View all orders from GoFood, GrabFood and more
  • Set and adjust the preparation time and opening hours of the restaurant
  • Mark the order ready and ask the courier to pick up the order

Menu ManagementMenu Management

Manage all menus in one place

Input, edit, update, and manage your menus across all shipping apps from one place

  • Input or create menus directly in Hubster
  • Change prices, modifications, menu availability and more 
  • Publish menu to all apps with one click

Seeing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with Hubster.
Owner, Steggo Restaurant
"Restaurants that focus on fulfilling online orders are better off using Hubster. Everything becomes automated."